Gabriel Lossing is a Constitutional Conservative, who wants to preserve individual liberties and diligently represent the people he will be serving. Gabriel is married to Emma Lossing, and is the father to their daughter, Liberty Bell Lossing. Gabriel Lossing is no stranger to hard-work and perseverance. After graduating high-school, Gabriel enlisted in the U.S. Army Infantry and served overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). After being medically retired from the Army, due to an injury sustained overseas, Gabriel went through a difficult transition back into civilian life, as many veterans do. Today, Gabriel is happily married, owns a small business, and a farm that he is growing every year. Hard-work, perseverance, and the hand of providence has allowed Gabriel to come to where he is today. Now, Gabriel wants to continue his fight for liberty and to make a difference in his community, state, and nation.  





  • Husband and Father

  • Small Business Owner

  • Farmer

  • Combat Veteran

  • Member of Disabled American Veterans

  • Constitutionally Sound

  • Willing to Listen to Anyone

  • Hard-Working

  • Determined